Metafocus Change Facilitators

Metafocus Change Facilitators
Metafocus is an independent consultancy company (2001) that facilitates behaviour and culture change. As we feel personally engaged in (Public) Safety issues, we have a proven track record consisting of organizations that created a strong safety culture in the field of occupational safety & health, food safety and social safety. We work both for multinationals in the private sector as for public organizations in Health Care, Education and Public Safety & Security sector.

Mostly Metafocus gets involved when serious incidents happened, urgency is high and immediate step change is required to prevent a next incident or accident to happen. We act as a catalyst for change and feel comfortable with a clear, people oriented, no-nonsense ‘zero incident’ approach. Metafocus combines social-psychological and change management expertise with actual knowledge in the field of occupational and social health & safety. We create sustainable change by working simultaneously on people’s head, heart and guts, using actual case studies, accident-analysis, observations of job and management interactions to create forward action. As we aim at enhancing ownership and proactive routines, generally our focus on safety works as leverage to boost overall business performance.

Usually we provide a 6 to 12 months tailor made intervention program to drive the pursued change in behaviour. As starting point we frame the current safety culture by means of a scan, safety observations or incident investigation, including an uncovering photo and video shoot. After aligning on a clear and inspiring vision, we build a roadmap with tangible milestones, together with key players. We help to define the pursued culture change in terms of concrete step by step behaviours, making progress both measurable and manageable. Depending on the roadmap the provided intervention program consists of a mix of the following components: safety culture scan, focus event (large scale intervention), high impact week, incident investigation, work conferences and workshops, safety leadership and awareness training, observation training (walks & talks), coaching on the job and change management.
We pursue long lasting partnerships with customers to support sustainable safety performance improvement with cyclic intervention programs, embedding culture and behaviour change in daily routine.

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