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Metafocus Change Facilitators

Metafocus is an independent consultant company (2001) that facilitates behavior & culture change. As we feel personally engaged in (Public) Safety and Quality issues, we have a proven track record consisting of international organizations that created a strong safety or quality culture empowered by Metafocus (occupational safety & health, food safety, patient safety, social safety). We work both for companies in the Food and Pharma Industry as for organizations in Health Care, Education and Public Safety & Security sector.

Mostly Metafocus gets involved when serious incidents happened, urgency is high and an immediate step change is required with regards to awareness, mindset, behavior or leadership. Therefore we feel comfortable with a clear, no-nonsense and people oriented approach. We combine social-psychological and change management expertise (perceiving organizations as social systems) with actual knowledge in the field of safety and quality. We create sustainable change by working on people’s head, heart and guts, using state of the art methodologies to enhance ownership, circle of influence, (personal) leadership and team spirit.

Bottom line we will help organizations to make the required change tangible, visible, measurable and manageable in terms of concrete behaviors. Our product portfolio comprises of a mix of (tailor made) interventions and tools to develop mindset, awareness, behavior and leadership such as a culture scan, incident investigation, focus events, work conferences, workshops, awareness and observation trainings (walks & talks), risk analysis, leadership development, coaching and change management.

In general Metafocus aims for long lasting partnerships to support sustainable performance improvement with cyclic intervention programs, embedding behavior and culture change in daily routine. Towards Zero Incidents / Zero Defects. Please consider our track record and ask our customers: we are performance driven!

Metafocus’ core values:
Personal engagement & responsibility; We>Me; Walk the talk; Respect & Care; Make the difference.



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